BEALS POINT November 15, 2012

Seeking some exercise with my inventory of quarters saved up well, I took light rail to Historic Folsom. Not in the mood to do another Lake Natoma Loop, I figured on an easy hike to Beals Point. Coming to Sutter Street at about 10:25 a.m., I figured to have a nice breakfast. Going by the ice rink, I’d take it easy today.

There were already holiday sights with sparse crowds this mid week. I strolled over to the Old Truss Bridge, and hit the bike trail on the north or west side of the American River. Normally I’d head westbound about Lake Natoma, but I chose to go right, and north, along the river and bike trail. I captured sights of fall colors, and came in a shorter way to the Folsom Crossing boulevard. Under a few culverts, I turned left and followed the bike trail to the edge of the Auburn-Folsom Road.

It is only three miles total each way from Folsom to Beals Point, so I enjoyed not straining my legs, and dealing with more pains that I had. A good number of cyclists used the trail, and there were a few walkers. I took more photos, then was approaching Beals Point. The bike trail ends here, and I strolled over into the State Park facility. With a few people about, I ventured over to the best view of the lake, and did some panoramas. I had to use the restroom, and then took more panoramas in the direction of the dam. I snapped a couple photos of the interpretive signs, and then headed back on the bike trail to Folsom.

Signs indicate a 5% grade on the bike trail, so cyclists go speeding downhill. I detoured for some drink at the shopping plaza, and rested well. Nice to enjoy the cloudy day and some sun, with rain coming for a few days. I liked the easy walk back into town, and went to a view, by Rainbow Bridge, of Upper Lake Natoma. Crossing back over the Old Truss Bridge, I spied a big bird with a morsel in its beak.

Back to Sutter Street, I took a few more photos, used the restroom, and passed the ice rink. Boarding the train by 3:30 p.m., I took some video as I rode, and then debarked for dinner at the organic buffet. Back on the train, I came back home and finished my six mile day, with slight gain.

Spending about $40 for food, fare, and some groceries, I captured 325 images and movie clips (63.3 MB, 720p HD, 2:43). Never drove my car.

Hoping for one more road trip this year, I’d seek to have some hiker or traveler join me, but as usual, expect no one. Gas is due to come down further in price, and perhaps the holiday season will see me in some distant locales, enjoying more spectacular scenic sights and light hiking adventures.