MT. FILLMORE (7,716') 3X AND BLUE NOSE MOUNTAIN (7,290') October 13, 1992

Looking like another fine fall day to climb some peaks, I enlisted my buddy Rex and we headed out to the La Porte Road. First to do was Mt. Fillmore, which I already knew how to climb, and driving my passenger wagon, the approach road was negotiated O.K. Making short work of that peak, I had it in mind to investigate Blue Nose Mountain.

Having my maps, we drove the approach road, and I kept notes for my then forthcoming peaks guide. We discovered a route, and stopped by bad roads, we started our hike. Going up on dirt roads with water bars, shortly we figured to head cross country up the hill, which I knew leads to the summit. It was heavily forested, with numerous tripping hazards, as branches and forested debris, but being experienced peak climbers, we didn’t have any problem.

Cresting a hill, we hiked on to come to more open areas, and then topped out. I took my usual photos, and left a register. Both pleased at another peak ascent, we hiked back down, with good navigation. Correctly returning to the dirt approach road, we hiked back down it to the car. The area had been considered for wilderness designation, and as my supportive way, took my photos, but as it went, none of them were ever used, and the area never received any such protection.

Later, on a TV show, the area was referred to as the “Lost Sierra.” In keeping with the publicity of that time, the supposed reality shows depicted hikers and all to venture into the wild, but on my return in later years, never saw much of visits or interest. Looking at the register on Fillmore, few had even signed in, and even as a climb, it is one of the easiest peaks on the list for the local area, but it goes basically ignored.

I’d be going back to climb any of these again, but solo, it is dangerous, and to me, not worth it further. My last time, the roads had gotten worse, and my current vehicle isn’t capable of the clearance necessary for rocks and other potential obstacles. While I don’t know if a passenger car could still repeat our drive to do Blue Nose, I’d be interested in finding out the conditions. With a game partner, I’d be interested in investigating, but the reality is that the area is so remote, the tow trucks can refuse to assist. I don’t have the money to pay for what it might cost for an on-site repair, even if possible, and I have seen abandoned vehicles, to be left to be vandalized or salvaged by scavengers. No peak is ever worth my car!