MAGEE PEAK (8,550'), CRATER PEAK (8,677'), PROSPECT PEAK (8,338'), CINDER CONE (6,907') September 15-16, 1992

Rex volunteered to attend this two day lead of mine to bag these peaks in the vicinity of Lassen National Park. I drove us both north, and then east on CA 32, to navigate on dirt roads to a remote trailhead for the Thousand Lakes Wilderness in Shasta County.

Bitten by large flies, we hiked up a trail northward into the primitive area, and I found our way to the top of our first summit, Magee Peak. It was a fairly short way to the second peak, Crater Peak, where I shot the views. We hiked back to the car, and I drove us further to a campground somewhere.

Our second day, we hiked Prospect Peak in northern Lassen National Park. This has a trail to the top, and I ventured to leave a register. Too early to go home, we hiked Cinder Cone, an easy hike with views of the Painted Dunes.

A sight along CA 44 was snapped as I drove us back home, from even another safe and successful peak adventure.