CARIBOU MOUNTAIN (8,575’), “CARIBOU SPUR (8,011’),” “ETNA SUMMIT PEAK (7,000+’)” August 13-14, 1988

Two of us left town and motored north on Interstate 5 in our quest to gain the top of these Northern California summits. We drove to the trailhead at Mountain Meadow, the end of the Coffee Creek Road. This was the northern gateway to the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

A good trail goes to Caribou Lake. We took it to a saddle, then left the trail and climbed over Caribou Spur, a peak along the ridge. Then we topped out on Caribou Mountain, enjoying the nice views. I left a register, and then we started back. There were more sights to see on our way down, and then we came back to the trail, and then to the car.

Dining somewhere along the line, we then had a peak to do, Sunday. We had a nice dawn view. Along the road to Cecilville, we parked the car, and started along, about the Pacific Crest Trail, to a likely peak, which we deemed to name Etna Summit Peak. We again enjoyed nice views, and then, on our return to the car, saw a helicopter land nearby. We had visited the towns of Callahan and Etna, CA.

The drive home was nice, with more sights to see.