DIAMOND PEAK (13,127') June 12-13, 1999

Another scheduled SPS trip had me driving south on U.S. 395 to enjoy the Eastern Sierra again. We met at Oak Creek Trailhead, and backpacked up to our base camp on the Baxter Pass Trail. This was a routine climb, a class 2 scramble, and a peak that I had missed on an earlier climb of nearby Black Mountain.

We had our sleep, then started up for the summit. We were guided up by the fine leading of the couple who organized this trip, and there was some snow. We had our snow climbing gear, and made use of it. Summiting, I captured the fine views, and I had my own photo taken. Almost no one will snap a great photo, with me as subject, and, anyway, I am loath to give my expensive camera to an amateur to have someone botch the shot, as is common with some hikers.

Our descent was straightforward, and we shortly arrived back to our cars for another eventless weekend, a great climb, and another peak to be checked off.