SILVER PEAK (11,878') October 19-20, 1991

This was a regularly scheduled late season SPS climb, and a few of us were from Northern California. Most of the group were from the Los Angeles area. Meeting at a remote trailhead on the west slopes of the High Sierra, we started our backpack to the Devils Bathtub. This required some good navigation on trails.

After a good hike through forested lands, we came to our campsite. Another group had an injured hiker, who had slipped on some granite slabs. We gave him first aid, and he was to be flown out the next day. As he was not on our trip, we had no legal responsibility, so left him as we climbed our peak, him to be picked up by helicopter.

Some of us made an attempt on Graveyard Peak that late afternoon, but ran out of time. We relaxed at our camp, then got up early to start our climb.

The route climbs over a smaller ridge, then drops down to a lake to then climb up to the peak proper. This demands some good navigation. With good info, we hiked to the exact notch through which to go, and caught our sight of Silver Peak. It is a scramble to the top, and the views were alright. I liked the nice fall weather, and since we are all prepared, could risk any inclement storms likely to come at this time of year.

The days are shorter, so we had to start back. We hiked down to the lake, then over the intervening ridge again. The helicopter had already picked up the injured hiker, so we had an easy backpack back to the cars. So, thus ended the trip, with another peak bagged on such a lovely fall weekend.