PRISON HILL (6,232+'), DUANE BLISS PEAK (8,658'), HUNGRY RIDGE HILL (6,160+') May 11-18, 1999

Leaving home Tuesday, I hiked with the Reno Sierra Club to see the Hunter Creek Trail. They run some good evening hikes, and this was one of them. Camping at Davis Creek Park, I had some dining at nearby restaurants.

Wednesday, I joined a Reno Sierra Club trip out of Carson City, NV, to hike this small, but interesting, hill. It gets its name from a view of the nearby state prison in Carson City. Prison Hill consists of three bumps, which we all bagged. Roads and trails circle the bumps, and the views of the town are nice.

Going back north to Reno, I attended a Sierra Club meeting. I camped back at Davis Creek Park, again.

Thursday, motoring south on U.S. 395, I attempted skiing Crater Crest. I got only as far as Tamarack Creek. It was too windy. Camping at Mono Village Resort by Twin Lakes, Friday, I went part way up the Horse Creek Trail. Then, I sought to ski Copper Mountain, but had to turn back. Going to Mammoth, I went to the library, and camped again with some economy dining of sorts.

The next day, while having breakfast, the earth began to shake. It was a 5.6 tremblor. No big damage done, I joined a Ski Mountaineers trip to ski the Blue Couloir. For my second or third time, this went smoothly enough.

The second day of the weekend, we skied a 11,000 foot peak by Tioga Pass. I snapped a picture of the Lee Vining Canyon ice.

Driving back north, I got a motel room in Carson City. Then Monday, I hiked Duane Bliss Peak, mostly with snow on the way. I had a nice clear view from the top. My boot came apart, but I fixed it with some cord.

That evening, I got another motel room in Reno. Lounging about town, Tuesday, I joined another Sierra Club evening hike to bag Hungry Ridge Hill. These are really bumps, but to help in their hikes and to try to promote Nevada peak or even bump bagging, I seek to count them as worthy peaks.

I had an idea to have a Reno 50, some fifty peaks or hills that they can work on bagging, for fitness and exercise. The trouble is, we couldn't keep registers on them to know who has climbed them, or at least to who can sign in. They never went for this, and do their hikes to never see the sights atop these locations, however worthy, and as typical for the locals, like their lakes and forests, not too objectionable by me, either.

Driving then some 872 miles, I hiked 22 miles, then 11 miles skied. The total gain was over 10,000 feet. I kept good notes, and then, I typed up my account, using my loaned out MacIntosh computer and an old Word program. I had been given this by a generous Sierra Club member having moved up north.