PEAR LAKE HUT February 10-12, 1996

Carpooling with a SMS member from Northern California, we motored south on U.S. 99 to meet some people in a motel on the way to Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. Sharing the room cheaply, I slept alright, and then we were up, headed for the trailhead at Wolverton Ski Bowl.

Carrying our packs up the marked ski trail, we soon came to the high lakes basin and skied to the last ridge. Over it nicely, we arrived at the Hut. We had secured reservations, and had it all to ourselves.

Our next day, we skied to the Tablelands and I captured the nice vistas of the High Sierra to the east. It was a warm day, and the snow corned up nicely for our run down. We had spotted some slide tracks, but we felt safe enough.

With time, I looked through the hut register. We used skins to slow us up for the ski backpack out. One of the skiers had a bad accident many years ago, and though my pair wore out badly, I was not to use them much again. Better some wear on your $100 skins, than a broken leg.

Back to the cars, we had a quick drive home. I liked this hut area, and being here then for my third time, in winter, hope to make it back, sometime.