HORTON LAKE SKI February 10-11, 1990

A few of us wanted to do some winter touring in the High Sierra, so two of us motored down from Northern California to meet one skier with a 4WD. We had sights along the way.

We carpooled up the Buttermilk road to encounter snow. Managing to drive to about 7,500 feet elevation, we began to ski to our destination. With backpacks, it is an easy ski along an old dirt road.

Coming to an old hut by the Lower Lake, we made our camp. I was to stay outside in a snow moat, to test my gear. The weather was nice, although cold.

In the morning, the other two wished to climb Mt. Tom. I saw that was futile with fresh snow. They shortly came back, and we toured toward the upper lake. Then it was to pack out and back to our car. We had more sights on our drive home.