HOMERS NOSE (9,040+) June 2-3, 1990

Joining a regular SPS climb, we motored down U.S. 99 to meet the group at the remote roadhead in Sequoia National Park. Backpacking up a little known trail, we had some sights of Big Trees and surrounding terrain. Over a pass, we came to a campsite, and the others had some cioppino that they had packed in frozen. The leader is quite the gourmet, and I was generously given a sample of the treat.

They declared a prompt start the next morning, and I almost missed it. We hiked with good navigation to the top of the peak, and I captured my photo views. There was a register, and we hiked back to camp.

The leader started out ahead, and left us with directions to meet at a pass. The rest of us navigated to the wrong pass, and a short scout came back with bad info. We descended down what looked to be a trail, but it was the wrong one. I may have figured something was wrong, but being with a group, could not leave to make my own way without repercussions. We got lost and soon were doing dangerous manuevers, like crossing precarious log bridges. I cursed, but then we found the trail.

The leader was waiting by the trailhead, and we were four hours late. I had to make a long drive home, then, and saw a terrible crash along the highway as I arrived to near back home.