HIGHWAY 1 AND CONE PEAK (5,155') December 26-28, 1986

With the looming, hateful ban on my Climbing-Knapsack Section, I enjoined the prime day hiking leader to come along with me on this trip to the California central coast. I like to treat people to what they've never seen, and to what I know to be a great set of hikes and travels.

I took him south along Interstate 5, and we went west on Highway 152. Coming to Monterey, CA, in the night, we had a visit to the Boardwalk. We then toured Carmel at night.

Camping somewhere for free, we saw the sights along the Big Sur Coast in the early morning. I took us up to the Cone Peak trail, a short 2 mile hike. With spectacular views of the ocean from the top, I did place a register. Never heard of what happened to it.

We had a view taking this side road down. Back to Highway 1, we did more hikes, as a walk to an overlook of McWay Falls. I recall that we went to Pfieffer Falls, as well, though I had no pictures. It was dark in the redwoods.

With more sights of the rocky coast, we headed north, and toured Monterey again, seeing Cannery Row. With another camp somewhere, we gained a sight of this movie theater. We passed through Morgan Hill, CA, and hiked a short loop in Henry Coe State Park. I have never seen the 25 foot high manzanita anywhere else.

Back then home safely, I was to hardly ever see this person again. He also disappeared after the ban, and I heard that he got more active with the singles section. Though he led longer hikes, he wished for women. I presume he got what he wanted, as there were many to follow with the local chapter.

I was to make more trips to the area, but without anyone to carpool, I have already seen it all. I like to see the ocean view from the top of Cone Peak, but with no one to come along, I'll leave it at that. Shame to have such marvelous hiking and easily gained views unseen by so many, but people do spoil areas.