SEVEN GABLES (13,075'), GEMINI (12,880'), MT. SENGER (12,286') July 25-27, 1981

Another fine Sierra Peaks Section activity had me signing up and driving solo, again from Northern California. Having an early breakfast at Shaver Lake, CA, I met the small group at Florence Lake, and we rode the ferry boat to the far side, saving some 5 miles of walking. Backpacking up the trail, we came to the Pacific Crest Trail, and also, the concurrent John Muir Trail.

Our goal for the day was a small lake to the north of Senger Pass. I recalled the scenery from my backpack of the entire John Muir Trail, then, in 1971-72. I liked the views, seen once again, and this time with a good camera. We dropped to the north on the good trail, and then headed cross-country to our base camp, near Marie Lakes. A marvelous sunset made fodder for my Nikon.

The next day, we shortly hiked up to the top of our first peak, Seven Gables. The view was nice, but I have seen so many of those. Then we climbed down south to a traverse to Gemini, another listed peak. A double for the day! The hike wasn't so trivial, but we did it nicely and topped the second peak, then, with equally good views.

Back to about camp at the lakes, I shuttered a few more photos, and had to shift my camp. I wished to climb Mt. Senger the next day, and had a solo camp at a high lake or pond on the northern side of the pass.

With the morning light, I did the easy climb and enjoyed the solitude and views. Then, it was back down to my backpack, and out on the trail, back to Florence Lake. This was a fairly mundane set of peaks, ones that you might do if working on the list. I then had no idea that I wouldn't be working on an advanced emblem, or even a list completion. All I knew was that I like the High Sierra, and backpacking and climbing as well.