Busy with acquisitions, business, and software updates, I occupied myself for a month. Weeks of non-stop tech support left me exhausted. I decided to stop major work on my website. I see relatively few visits for the time and effort that I’m putting into it. No one comes forward to hike with me. I’m spending too much money for just too little. Receiving only two comments by e-mail, that seems to indicate very small interest. No one even asks about my photo stream. So be it.

I had been gaining weight, although I had been enjoying dining out. Planning another road trip, I then had computer problems. While I had those taken care of quickly, that took my day that I was planning to leave.

With a spell of hot weather, I just had to leave town. Saturday morning, I decided to take the bus to San Francisco. This would be a short trip, so I didn’t need much money. The weather would be good, so I took some light layers, and just two cameras. While it would be over 100° downtown, it would be about 70 as a high in San Francisco.

Up at about 5 a.m., I made my reservations, and determined my rough plans. I’d figure out what I’d do this day, enroute on the bus. Catching the morning bus in Old Sacramento, we were shortly on our way. I had five camera batteries, all to be depleted on this day. I started with running video, and I was to do a lot of this. With no tripod, my shots weren’t too steady, but with image stabilization, they are nicely viewable, by me.

Crossing the Carquinez Strait, I saw there would be fog or overcast. I had my fun running long video, and soon we were crossing over the Bay Bridge. There was some blue sky as we came to the bus station. Fifteen minutes early, we now arrived and departed along the east side of Fourth Street, and I walked over to the nearby light rail station to do some video. At the Caltrain station, I put money using my credit card on my Clipper card. I was to use this only once, on BART.

I meandered over to just west of McCovey Cove and started west. They have attractive, new, and modern properties for rental or residence. I couldn’t help but admire people who can live here. I headed on various ways and streets over to 16th Street, to head west to Mission Street. Lots of urban sights to see. Heading south on Mission Street, I took plenty of pictures.

Having it in mind to try some ramen, I found my restaurant. I had read of a food item in the newspaper, but it wasn’t available for lunch. I enjoyed my bowl of noodles as it gave me some energy. Tipping well, I had some cash to spend this day. I took more photos along Mission Street.

Looking at my maps, I decided to bag some peaks today. I headed west on 24th Street to navigate my way to Portola Drive. I had to use the restroom, and gladly there was a coffee shop. I enjoyed a small cup of fresh brew, and a nice couch to rest in.

Then, I took Twin Peaks Blvd. northward to climb both of the Twin Peaks (910’). I recalled that I had to walk on the shoulder, with no sidewalk past a point, but it wasn’t very much. I quickly came to trails to take up, to avoid the car traffic. I ran video to show people how to do this. You cross the road a few times, so I had to be careful. After about a half hour from the coffeeshop, I was atop the highest of the Twin Peaks. Fog obscured much of the view, but I did my video and photos anyway. It was over to the next bump, the lower north summit. I did mostly video as there was too much fog. Declining descending to the parking lot vistapoint, I headed back for Portola Drive.

Now, I wished to hike Mount Davidson (925’), the high point of the City and County of San Francisco. I kept a video log of the intersections that I passed through. Making it to Myra Way, I came to the bus stop and trailhead. I took the short trail up, which was muddy. In maybe 10 minutes, I was circling about the summit cross. Other people were about, on both of these summits.

I shortly descended back to the bus stop, and proceeded to navigate my way to the BART station. I kept a photo log for the street signs that I passed by. After coming to Glen Canyon Park, I headed east to the Glen Park BART station.

Boarding a car, I was able to rest and plan my next move. Debarking at the Embarcadero, I sought to get some dim sum. The restaurant had just closed, so I looked to the next restaurant. I found a nice place nearby with tables on the sidewalk. Ordering a nonalcoholic beer, I had a good Cobb Salad. I did some self video to celebrate my day. Consuming my meal, I left another generous tip, and they said thank you, so well.

Heading southward for a bit on the Embarcadero, I took plenty of more pictures and videos. Taking Harrison Street west, there were numerous high-rise constructions. I came to Fourth Street and turned left (south). I had some time before the bus arrived, so I used the restroom and relaxed a bit.

The intercity bus was on time, and I was given a ticket. I got the front seat, with the clear view ahead, and this was great! I ran lots of video, as I chatted with my neighbor passenger. There was a delay at about the 505 due to an accident, but then we were cruising eastbound on 80 and then, north on 5. Our arrival back to Old Sac was about on time, and I got off the bus. I took K Street eastward, and took more video and photos, and got home at a good hour.

Doing maybe 11 miles total of hiking and 1,200 feet of gain, I saved about 200 miles driving by taking the bus. Spending $55 for food, I put $20 both on my Starbucks card and my Clipper card. The bus fare was $20.50, round trip. Capturing 528 images and movie clips, I was pleased with this trip. If I had the money, and then didn’t mind the Hell getting out of town every weekend, I might like to live in the new Mission District.

The download of my photos folder came to 18.86 GB. My high-capacity memory cards held up nicely. It will be exciting, as technology progresses, so I can view my images, bigger, sharper, and clearer than ever before. Two more summer bus trips I have in mind. There’s to Reno, Nevada, and to Mammoth Lakes, California. Though, the Sierra has lots of mosquitoes, right now.