My efforts to save what I thought would be $1,000 in 10 years were met with defeat. Unable now to run my website off a home server, it looks like I will have to look elsewhere for cheaper places to post my data. Few people, if any, hike, climb, or do green travel, so it seems my online efforts are going to waste, anyway. I’ll continue my peak climbing fun where the local hiking club will not be going, ever. They all seem to support fooding, not fitness, so be it. About town, many people are engaged in sedentary and unhealthy activities. The votes against planet seem to support this view.

Forest fires and higher temperatures about the Pacific West forced me not to do any summer road trip. In keeping with my reduced carbon footprint, I simply hiked about town, and only driving my car for the minimal few miles required for upkeep. I know of no one else who supports such a lifestyle. Instead of spending voluminous amounts on gas, I enjoy local, fine dining, with healthy, organic, gourmet fare. By what my former peak buddy spends on his daily moronics, I remarked to him that he could buy four computers a year by the difference on which what he spends, daily, versus what I spend. He raves about his economy buffet, baked chicken and fish, but I get prime rib and filet mignon, if I so desire. For less!

Desiring not to drive to have to hike today, I was up early this morning to drive over to get breakfast. Taking R Street west, then crossing over Interstate 5 on my way to the River Walk, I sought to get some exercise. There was a cool breeze and clouds. Heading north along the Sacramento River, I saw several joggers with apparently a running event happening. Being Labor Day weekend, there were a lot of users on the bike trail. I decided to post this walk account on my website, as I normally do not report such easy local hikes, but this seemed to be a special day. I have many such local videos on my Facebook page, but no one is interested.

Crossing over the Jibboom Street Bridge, I saw plenty of geese. Going to the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers, there were fishermen on the boats in the river. Many such holiday weekends, it would be high heat, but we had a nice delta breeze. Heading back south on the bike trail, I took a new route for myself. An opening in a fence leads to a sidewalk up to the I Street Bridge. They have just done some new work to make it nicer for walkers.

Shooting video, I went over to the West Sac River Walk. The flowers were blooming nicely, and they have done some new work there, too. Sunday morning, I had the place to myself. Crossing back east on the Tower Bridge, I went to Old Sacramento. “Gold Rush Days” was in progress. A fair number of visitors were about, as normally, the State Fair would be happening. Doing some quick video, I took K St. eastward. I had some fruit juice, then caught up with the news, and got a milkshake.

Doing maybe 7 miles total, I had spent only about $10. Capturing 203 images and movie clips (1.22 GB, 18:58), I never used a car to get to my hiking.

In the deep past, on a holiday weekend, with the old hiking club, we’d normally drive up to even a thousand miles to do our hiking, backpacking, and climbing. With time, I’d still be game for such activities, but myself, I’d wish to make more use of the drive. Forseeing that when I aged, I’d refrain from the so strenuous activities that we once did, and stick around more in town. The cleanest air, now, is in the places that I sought to escape from, and ironically, the smoke presently is all in the mountains. Doing my day’s hiking next to a California freeway, I know that I can laugh at the way that we used to do things!