LAKE NATOMA LOOP 30X June 23, 2012

With cooler weather locally and rain in the Sierra, I had an easy time figuring what to do this Saturday. I caught the light rail and came to Historic Folsom at 11:22 a.m. Beelining for a rest break, I looked at the shops on Sutter Street and decided to have a scoop of ice cream. I’d take this walk leisurely, today.

Many days this time of year would be in the 100’s, and we owe this to the delta breeze. Stronger differentials in the atmosphere are said to be predicted by climate change theory computer models. While heat is affecting other parts of the country, we enjoy a reprieve in Northern California. I’m hoping local summers will be nicer, but weather and climate is highly unpredictable, and if the world warms, no one will escape the effects.

I strolled along to the truss bridge, and I saw no one kayaking way upstream. There were plenty of boaters on the lake, though, and I took the left shoulder of the bike trail as rules now dictate. There were new things on the bike trail. They have put up donor credits on the signs. A barricade lined the trail under the unstable cliffs. I strolled along, snapping a few photos, and shortly came to the high bump that I have enjoyed climbing for the view.

Back to the trail, other people were also walking. I kept out of the way of cyclists, and then came to the Dam. They have finished with the construction at Hazel Avenue, and two paths wind their way up the hill to the bridge walkway. One is steep, and the other is more gradual. I went over the Hazel Avenue bridge, then figured to have a drink and rest at the fast food spot further along south on Hazel. I had some time getting the news and looking at Facebook. Good and rested, I continued on the bike trail to take the south side of the lake.

I began to shoot some video, being that my cheap camera is good for that. I like the blue waters of the lake, and I took the side trails to get better views. The trails are all dry, and the breeze cooled me down, still. There were a few clouds of gnats, but no mosquitoes or ticks. Familiar with the trail and times to the end, I had to step aside for many cyclists on the dirt trail. Other people had their dogs. I was in no big rush, but I do wish to complete my loop in some decent time.

Counting the landmarks, I took a new trail near the Folsom Crossing, then had to go through brambles to get back to the asphalt bike trail. The usual sewer smell struck me as I finished the loop, and I headed for Sutter Street. I knew what I wanted. Soup. It was about dinner time, and I got a big table, and soon was dining on the liquidy dish. I left a good tip, and wandered back to the light rail station, and got on the train at 6 p.m.

Having the daily pass, I got more food later, going by train, and enjoyed the fine day, with highs in the mid-70’s. I did about 12 miles, spending about $18.50 for the fare, drink, and food, capturing 259 images and movie clips (101.2 MB, 3:39, 720p HD).