While I usually do not mention my many hikes and walks on the American River Parkway, I sought to do something on this fine Sunday, the holiday weekend. Not using any fuel to add to the carbon in the atmosphere, I took the light rail in the late morning out east along the Gold Line. I now can purchase a RT day pass for $6, which allows unlimited riding for a short period of time.

Debarking at a station along the way, I transferred to a bus. Taking it to the vicinity of Fair Oaks, CA, I sauntered down Bridge Street to the Fair Oaks Bluffs. They have done some work since I was here last, and I took many photos. There are interpretive signs, and a water faucet. I took the short trail to the top of the bluffs to the overhanging tree. Thunderheads could be seen building up over the Sierra.

Many people were on the river, and it was a peaceful scene. I saw some geese, and, over the old bridge, took the bike trail east. Taking a side trail along the riparian brush, I took some photos, and close ups of wildflowers. There was a dead end at a pond, and I backtracked to another trail along the river shore, then into the woodlands, and then back to the paved bike trail.

Crossing Hazel Avenue, I hiked over U.S. 50 on a pedestrian bridge, and to a light rail station. Catching the train just in time, I rode further east to Sutter Street. The end of the line, I wished to do some light dining. It wasn’t too busy. I had some ice cream, and soda, then a smoothie at another cafe.

Using the bike trail, I walked over to the truss bridge over the river and took photos of the many boaters. Then, it was back to the light rail station, and home.

Doing then about 4 miles, I spent about 15 dollars. Capturing about 290 images and movie clips (84.2 MB, 2:42, 640 x 480 pixels), I enjoyed the nice temperatures, wearing shorts and a T shirt, with my light pack. Instead of using my car or walking far for dinner afterwards, I was able to ride the light rail again with my day pass, and go for a good organic meal, special from my buffet. I am beginning to like riding again, being that unpleasant people are now discouraged by good security, and I can enjoy my ride with some speed and technology.