Seeking to do some finer dining, I left home to engage in some minor adventure. Going to Winters, CA, I had the food that I had missed on my last activity. Having an omlette that I had been interested in, I ate slowly, and savored my freedom.

Taking I-505 south to Interstate 80 west, I took the CA 12 exit to head for Imola Avenue in Napa, CA. Paying the $5 fee for the day use of Skyline Park, I started my hike at 10:50 a.m. In search of an easy day, I took the Lake Marie Road upwards. It comes to the side trail to the Rimrock Trail, which I took to the top of the minor peak. This has some rocks to see and views to enjoy.

Sugarloaf Peak has no summit view to speak of, being in the trees, and is marked by only a nearby trail sign stating "Rimrock Trail." I descended the Rimrock Trail on its far, south, side, and it comes to the Bay Ridge Trail. This goes back northward under a forest canopy to Lake Marie, where I had a rest and a soda. The Lake Marie Road heads back to the trailhead, and I arrived back at 3:09 p.m.

Having an icy cola drink at a fast food eatery nearby, I shortly drove east on CA 121 to CA 128. This passes Monticello Dam and comes to the Cold Canyon primitive parking lot. To do some more gain, I took the Pleasants Ridge trail up. It seemed more eroded than ever, and hikers were having their troubles. I slowly climbed up, and recorded the steepness, and rocks to step on.

The sun was setting, and I stopped at the first hilltop. Paintbrush were glowing in the dusk light, and I enjoyed the sight. Other hikers came up, and some continued on up. I saw there would be no glorious sunset, with no high clouds to turn red. Following another hiker down, I sought not to use my hands or slip on the steep trail, keeping it to class 1, then. A balance act, good for climbing.

Back to the car by 5:50 p.m., I motored off and headed for downtown Winters. I had another food item, a cheeseburger, to satisfy my palate, and sauntered about to capture the night scene. Traffic was light on the Interstate, and I didn't need to stop again.

Hiking maybe 6 miles, I had done roughly 2,000' gain. I drove about 140 miles and captured 249 images and a movie clip. Wearing two layers and jeans, I carried a light pack. This was a first for me on some sections of California highways, never having driven them till now.

I never saw any ticks this winter yet, and hardly any land animals aside from birds. The trails today at Skyline Park did have some water and mud in spots, but nothing too slippery. It now is a far cry from the prolific and numerous congenial hikes that we used to have in the local enviro club, sad to see, and many of the old time hikers would have immensely enjoyed this urban park. Though, I didn't get to see San Francisco from the peak, as one time, or really notice Mt. St. Helena. The new part of Napa would have been nice to enjoy, as well. Getting over my cold, I should be fine for more hiking, and losing weight will be a priority.