Seeking now to prevent some cabin fever, I did some research on the Net for a short hike to do. I found a Codfish Falls to visit. Gathering my gear together, I left home after 12 p.m., and motored on eastbound along Interstate 80. I would have to drive a road inadvisable for low clearance cars, but figured, by what people said, that I might make it. I’d check it out.

Taking the West Paoli Lane exit, I followed the road to Ponderosa Way, as directed. The way crosses the railroad tracks twice, then begins to descend into the canyon of the North Fork of the American River. Signs warned of the rough road. I should have turned back here, but it didn’t look too bad at first. I started keeping a record by photos, and slowly motored down the dirt road. I had to stop and scout the road for bad parts. It would be a problem to turn around in places. There weren’t too bad ruts and rocks, so I continued. It began to look as if I’d make it. I began to get close to the bottom of the river canyon, then I came to a rough spot. I was uneasy about being down here, and daylight was short. I could have parked and walked down to the bridge where the trail begins, but there is a $10 fee. Maybe another time.

Turning the car around, I slowly motored back up the hill, grateful that there wasn’t much traffic. I thought that I had heard of the road being improved, so figured that it might even be paved, but it is not. With so few cars, the trail might not be very popular. I picked a weekend, hoping for hikers to be about. Relieved to be back to pavement, I had no big alternate plans. I got back on the freeway, and headed for Auburn.

Figuring to do some light dining, I found a spot on Lincoln Way. I had just been to other trails, so decided to check out Griffith Quarry by Penryn. I spoke with the museum help, and gave a small donation. Doing a circle about the quarry, I took photos, and walked a few hundred yards. It’s free, so worth a forty-five minute visit.

Back onto the Interstate, I encountered some slowdowns, and then finished with 103 miles driven. I captured 84 images, and spent $7 for food and the hike.

Nice to be out in the sun, I didn’t waste too much to check out the road to this hike, and thankfully didn’t suffer any damage or loss with my transportation. I had driven this road way back many decades ago, but with a car having more clearance. There is another way to get to the trail, said to be better, so maybe one day, I may try to do this hike again.