Seeking to check the fall colors in the Sierra foothills, I also sought to do some fine dining. Leaving home just before Noon on this fine Tuesday, I took Interstate 80 eastbound. Getting gas (@ 3.639) enroute at Rocklin, CA, I took CA 49 northeastward. They are finally doing major work to widen this highway, and I am glad to see it.

Coming to Nevada City, CA, at about 1 p.m., I beelined to the best dining spot, by some Net reviewers. I knew what I wanted, and had to wait for a table outside. The restaurant deck view was nice, with thunderheads building up and reds in the trees. I had my food, and left a good tip, with pleasant service.

Driving over to the adjacent public parking lot, I put a quarter into the meter. Walking south then along Broad Street, the center of the old part of town, I began to capture pictures of the buildings. Coming to the freeway, I took more photos, and then headed north on Commercial Street. Then it was back to Broad Street, doing a small circle, and then back to my car.

Heading south on CA 49 to Auburn, CA, I parked on High Street, and walked about a bit for photos. Lincoln Way made for some sights. Then, it was to motor south on 49 to the hiking area along the confluence of the Middle and North Forks of the American River. I looked about a bit on the Middle Fork, to shoot some movie clips, and then to hike a short way on the Lake Clementine trail. I left to motor back out of the canyon to Auburn, again, and to park again on High Street for some light dining. The sun was setting, but I had already captured magic hour in Old Town Auburn, so went on home.

Walking then maybe 2 miles, I captured 339 images and movie clips (68.7 MB, 1:33, 720p HD). I spent perhaps $50 total. Wearing a light sweater with my jeans, I used a light pack and never had any connection ops. The drive was 130 miles round trip.

With thousands of miles left to drive on my car before maintenance, I seek to do some more traveling and photography, as I am able.