Trying to apprise myself of the best time to view, I did searches and looked for information on the Net. Finally, I figured to just go on the same calendar day that I had gone, last year. Leaving home late, I stopped along U.S. 50 to check out a new breakfast op, then took Mormon-Emigrant Road to CA 88. I stopped at the now unsigned vista point, and snapped some photos. This provided a rest break, and got me into the mood to enjoy this drive. Another stop at Devils Garden vista point allowed for more photos. Silver Lake also made a fine sight.

Motoring east on CA 88, I captured many images of the colors in the aspen trees. Careful to pull well off the roadway, I had my window down to hear approaching traffic when I pulled out. Coming to Carson Pass, there was a delay due to road work. I stopped again at the vista point overlooking Red Lake, and saw most of the peaks had no snow left from the last storm.

Now, I was in Hope Valley, where the colors are prime. I rate this year as a 6 out of 10, having seen much better. Many leaves didn’t have the usual vibrance, though I was here in mid-day. Perhaps not the best lighting. A few other leaf peepers were about, and I might say that the peak has passed. If not for the fairly short drive, I’d have skipped this, if I had known.

Coming then to the best color at the rustic lodge, I walked about the cabins. Choosing to do some dining, I had a sandwich, then captured a few more images.

There was more road work going over Luther Pass, and then I came to South Lake Tahoe. Taking CA 89 north, I arrived at the Taylor Creek USFS visitor center, and took the short trail to do some viewing. Much of the trees had lost their leaves, but I was here for the Kokanee salmon. Some ducks made for nice movie clips, swimming amongst the fish.

Clouds moved over, and my batteries ran low. I declined to wait for more sun, so finished the short quarter mile or so trail, and began to motor home on U.S. 50.

The sun was high in the sky yet, and I saw Horsetail Falls was still running. Coming to Riverton, I viewed some nice color in the canyon, and regretted not being able to stop at Bridalveil Falls for photos. I made one final stop at the ranger station where color was also there for viewing.

Hiking then only a very short way, I had captured about 485 images and movie clips (222.3 MB, 2:41, 720p HD). I had driven about 250 miles, and spent only for extra gas and food, about $25.

The conditions had been fine, wishing I had hiked an easy peak. I wore only a light sweater, with no wind. It seems still that no one wishes to travel or hike with me, and I have left trying any of the old Club hikers. No ambitious plans to climb anything, anymore, I’ll be traveling, and just capturing more views and vistas. This nice weather is simply too good not to enjoy, hugely!