LAKE NATOMA LOOP 29X January 16, 2011

Recovering from some holiday, and post holiday, dining and feasting, I had a fair year on my review of 2010. I had walked some 1,500 miles in town, sparing the air, and I had used only 238 gallons of gas, mostly on my road trips. Climbing only 10 peaks, I had been able to do a couple new ones, and still never had any really bad accidents or any rescues.

Traveling all the way to Montana, and then to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, I also enjoyed some light hiking in our own magnificent Sierra Nevada. Some fine dining became one of my goals, again, with good, healthy, clean food, and, mostly locally procured. I had joined some carbon offset venues to gain some offerings at a coffee chain, and started to do some movie watching by my high speed connection.

Up at about 4:30 a.m. on this holiday weekend, I believe that I have dispelled my late sleeping habit, and now am ready for the day, every day, at a good hour. Having a light breakfast, I used the light rail to start my 29x loop hike about Lake Natoma at 9:45 a.m. It was foggy, but my spirits were high.

Taking the truss bridge over the American River, I began with my usual photography. I hoped that the sun would appear later in the day, but it stayed grayish. Seeing the usual number of cyclists and runners and all, I declined to top the small bump with its view of the area, and instead concentrated on doing some good time, walking.

They will be doing some work on the bike trail, and it will be closed for a few days. Hazel Avenue Bridge is still under reconstruction, and the bike trail has some detours. Though when it is all finished, it will be great!

A goose fed on the grasses by Nimbus Flats, and I was able to use the restroom there. It was to the dirt side trails on the south side of the loop, and I avoided the muddy sections, of which there were several. My boots didn't clump up with caked mud, and stayed dirt free for the most part. The fog obscured the views, but then I stopped for a break, with lots of time. Not too much wildlife, this day.

Declining to catch the 2:30 p.m. train back into town, I went instead for some drink and hot soup at a restaurant on Sutter Street. They are revamping the historic street to be better for users, and I do like the design! It will be a spacious, wide walkway, still with street parking and auto access, and the original structures are basically untouched. After my meal, I captured some photos, and then caught the zero emissions ride back into town.

Doing then my 11 mile hike, I captured 148 images and movie clips (20.6 MB, 320 x 240 pixels, 1:36), spending the $5 fare and about $11 for food and drink.

Having better software than ever, and looking to many safe and good miles on my 40 mpg, I shall be doing even more peaks adventures, and regular hiking and traveling as well. With a state of the art capture device, and so fine technology updated to the 2011 decade, I hope to be continuing the high quality of this web production, all for free, and always accessible to all!