In the morning, I was happy to have a good Frappuccino drink, courtesy of a major coffee company. Inspired then to do a hike, I left this Wednesday after lunch to head east on Interstate 80. I'd use my camera, and later do some dining, on an old, favorite, short hike.

Arriving at the trailhead by the confluence of the North Fork and the Middle Fork of the American River, I began to shoot some photos. They have installed some new signs, and facilities, since the last time that I was here in 2008. Sauntering along the Lake Clementine Trail by 2 p.m., I noted the wildflowers weren't so good, perhaps past peak. There was some water and mud on the trail, easily avoided, and I captured many movie clips of the rapids. The river was flowing well.

Mountain bikers began to pass, and I let them by. The road bed turns into a narrow trail, and I hiked under the Foresthill Bridge, where they seemed to be doing some work. The scars of the past fire had grown over, and all was nice and green. There were a few more stands of flowers, and then I entered the riparian growth area, with ferns, and tall oaks and pines.

Wishing to do a fair, two miles, one way from the other side of the bridge, I continued to the end of the trail, and recorded the secondary trailhead. I couldn't get a good photo of the Lake Clementine dam, with its massive flow of water over it. A bit tired, I turned back, and headed down the trail for my car. Sometimes, I'd keep going over the hill, and then back along the old Foresthill Road. I kept taking photos, and saw more users of this fine trail. Many people had dogs.

Back to the highway, I hiked the short distance to the sight of the rapids on the Middle Fork, and took some more movies. Back to my car at about 4:10 p.m., I shortly motored off. Auburn, CA, seemed about the same, and I didn't stop. I had a dining op in Rocklin, and enjoyed a light meal after washing up from the hike.

Hiking then some 4 miles with 400' gain, I captured some 123 images and movie clips (74.1 MB, 1:30). I drove 77 miles round trip. Spending only for the dinner, about $11, I never needed any fuel, and came back home some 5 hours after leaving home.

I had in mind to visit some National Parks, but for me, it is the same old thing. I chose to stay about home, and tend to spring cleaning, and paying bills. I desperately need to lose weight, but am doing that so slowly, and can walk about town to get exercise. My appetite has decreased per my desire, and I need to get to feeling better. I may concentrate more on my well-being, rather than so much traveling this spring and summer, and just look back and reflect on my many climbs, already this year.