FISKE (2,868') 14X February 6, 2011

In bad need of some exercise, I was recovering from a cold. My 85 year old former peak buddy, I stay in touch with, seeing he is quite past any peak hiking or what, but he insists on some big time driving, to the tune of perhaps 1000 gallons of gas a year, for his daily moronics, by most. Set in his ways, it seems useless to appeal to him about reducing his emissions, as with many or most of the old time peak baggers. Though I still do peak climb, I try to keep my greenhouse gas generation low, but I have to watch my fitness and health. You do get better, hiking!

With a marvelous sunset the night before, I had walked some 8 miles in town Saturday, taking care of my needs. I would wait to see how I felt Sunday morning.

Up at about 4:30 a.m., my head was clear and I felt good enough for a hike. I was to use many tissues to blow my nose and clear my throat, this day, but none to be left as litter. I had a light snack enroute through Woodland, CA, and started my hike at 8:52 a.m. I figured to see no one, and feared, as usual, for mountain lions. The lower site Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park paved parking lot was open, but there were no envelopes to self-pay the $6 fee. I then parked outside the lot, hoping not to get ticketed.

Snapping photos as I hiked up, I soon began to get warm, and doffed some layers and drank some water. The bent brush and fallen trees over the trail on my last time here in 2008 had mostly been removed. I paced myself, seeing I was slow, and resolved to just enjoy the day and not to worry about my hiking time. At the overlook for the Highway 16 bridge, I rested, and two hikers caught up with me. I was to have some company on the trail! My outlook changed, and the day looked pretty good. I let them go on, and caught up with them on top of the peak. It had taken me three hours to top out, pitiful compared to my double bag times, but I had no need to hurry. I have done my double bag 3X, but will need to lose big time weight to be able to do this again.

I started with the summit photography, and captured panoramas. Remarking that this was the clearest that I had ever seen it in my 14 times up here, I could see Mt. Shasta, Lassen Peak, the Crystal Range, and Sacramento.

I looked through the register books, with my original older one from 2004, and another newer one placed by a familiar name. Plenty of local hikers, respectful, and awed by the view! I had not brought up a spare book and can, knowing that the local enviro club does not like summit registers. This being that many or most of them are obese or otherwise unfit to summit and sign in. Though I had asked the BLM in Ukiah permission and approval to place mine, some extremist might well take one down to have it destroyed.

Another two hikers came up, and we chatted a bit. They had their lunch and remarked on the nice conditions. They shortly left, and so I started down at 1 p.m. I captured a few more photos, relaxed about headed down solo, and ran into four more hikers coming up. I am not the only bear for pain, by some. I carefully stepped down, as there are many places to slip or trip, and suffer injury. Nice to never have heard that any rescues ever needed to be done, here.

Resting again at the overlook about halfway, I stashed my gear in my pack, and made it back for a total round trip time of just over 6 hours. I drank some soda, and refreshed myself. I had seen an interestingly named restaurant in Capay, CA, so had to try it. Getting there, I watched part of the big game, and had a light meal, although expensive. Drink and using the restroom was worth it.

Hiking then 8 miles with 2,300' gain, I captured 226 images and drove some 120 miles.

Inviting people to visit my website, I hope that I can help hikers in their fitness goals, and to explore and enjoy much better than they did before. It is simply too nice outside to never enjoy the scenic beauty and spectacular views, that our local winter peaks offer.