COLD CANYON LOOP 31X November 9, 2011

Seeking a hike, in-between my pain treatments, I sought to go to the Bay Area. I had in mind a climb of Mission Peak. Failing that, I’d visit Little Yosemite in Sunol Regional Park. Enroute on Interstate 80 westbound, I began to get lazy, and thought to go to Cold Canyon. That’d save me gas and time. So, I took CA 113 north, and took Covell Road to Winters, CA, where I used a restroom and got some cold soda.

Coming to the Cold Canyon parking lot by 10 a.m., I started the hike. I soon came upon other hikers, and started to capture sights on my hike up. I went slowly, as I wished to take my time. I did photography, and declined the side trails. The hills were still brown, and there was a slight bit of fall color. I worried about rattlers and mountain lions, but didn’t even see any ticks.

I topped the bump 1,475’ in about 81 minutes, and started with photos. I used my movie setting to do myself speaking to the camera a few times, to get it right. Moving on, I put away my camera and concentrated on hiking safely. I saw the view from a rock just before reaching the bump 1,580+’, then made sure I touched the highest point on this hike. Resting again past the highest point, I saw more hikers, and gave some information. Putting away my camera, I bounded down the steps, and looked for that rattler that I had seen the time before. It was cool, so mostly, snakes would be dormant.

Getting back to the main trail down below, I knew that I had plenty of time. I saw no water at all in the creek, and shot a movie clip. Dry rocks. There was a bit of color just before the end of the hike, then I came back to my car at 1:48 p.m.

Motoring back into Winters, CA, I desired some good lunch or early dinner. I ordered a Wednesday special burger, which was good. The way home was fine, with no traffic slowdown into town, and I finished the day with 83 miles driven. I hiked 4.75 miles, with 1,500’ gain, and captured 97 images and movie clips (40.1 MB, 1:41, 720p HD).

Nice that I was able to get out before perhaps the winter rains do set in, I hope to get down to the Desert again this season. Maybe not many peaks to climb solo, but enjoyment and photography to do. My transport is ready, and I suppose the absence of holiday crowds may make it nicer.