The forecast for the Sierra was perfect for the next week. Finished with my webwork from my last trip, I was game to take advantage of the conditions. I made a reservation for an overnight stay, but as I have climbed so many local peaks so many times, figured later that it wasn’t worth it.

So, leaving home Tuesday morning, I took Interstate 80 east to CA 49. I got gas, food, and drink in Auburn, and headed up this scenic highway to see what was new. Stopping at the South Yuba River parking area, I started with photos and movies. Motoring along the highway, I did well on time, then stopped for pictures at Downieville and Sierra City, CA. There was a slight fall along the North Fork of the Yuba River, and I then came to the PCT parking. Loves Falls is a short hike down the Pacific Crest Trail southbound. It was warm, so I had some worry about rattlers. I came to the fall by a side trail, and started with photos and movies. No one was there. Rushing a bit, I soon returned to my car, and motored on along Highway 49.

Taking the Gold Lake Road north, there is a viewpoint of Sierra Buttes. It was pretty with snow. Past Gold Lake, a dirt road heads for Frazier Falls. It was a bit rough and dusty, but alright for my car. Coming to the paved parking, I hiked up the paved trail. It is a half mile to the overlook for the Fall, and there were some mosquitoes. Not applying any repellant, the breeze soon blew them away, and I gained the sight of Frazier Falls. I took my photos and movies, and returned to the parking lot. I took the paved road north back to the Gold Lake Road, about two miles west of the junction with CA 89.

I had time, but opted not to climb any peak. Coming to CA 89, I went north to CA 70 with a side trip to Blairsden, CA, and a one lane bridge. I had a good time recounting old memories up here. Passing through Portola, then over Beckwourth Pass, I came to U.S. 395. I took an exit for Red Rock, but failed to recall the way to the geologic feature. Coming into Reno, NV, I cancelled my motel stay, and went shopping at my favorite clothing outlet, picking up some high-tech underwear and a hat.

It was time for a nice dinner. I went to the three casino complex that I have haunted over the years, and had some gourmet dining. Stuffed, I left and started home.

Over Donner Summit, I had seen there was major road work along the Interstate about Reno, and when it would be finished, this will be a great freeway! There was more road work further along, and I stopped at Yuba Gap for more photos.

Catching magic hour in Old Town Auburn, I declined any more food and drink, then came home by 9:15 p.m.

Hiking about 2 miles with maybe 200’ gain, I had driven 355 miles. Capturing 356 images and movie clips (89.6 MB, 720p HD, 2:45), I lost several images due to a memory card glitch. Spending some $60 cash, I used under a tank of gas. Wearing T-shirt and shorts the whole time, except for a light layer in the morning leaving town, it was nice all day.

Needing to climb some peaks, this may have to wait. I hope to do another road trip this year, and so, need to save my car. A companion to guide to the summits would be nice for something to do, and to check on my peaks guide details, as I have no other real need to have to ascend what I have done so many times. Shame to waste the fine weather, though, with no thunderstorms predicted for awhile, and great hiking seen all the way to fall.