NIMBUS FISH HATCHERY November 26, 2010

Eager to enjoy the holiday time, I took the light rail to Hazel Avenue station to arrive by about 1:45 p.m. I walked over the freeway to the bike trail, and then westward, across the street to the Nimbus DFG fish hatchery. Crowds were enjoying the pleasant day and weather, with the parking lot almost full. I entered the facility to look at the fish ladder. Nought to be seen. People looked, but I saw no fish. Water was being released from the dam, and the flows were high. I knew that the previous year's run was a disaster, and several reasons were cited. Aware that many people do not like wildlife, as they compete for resources, I surmise the decline is due to human caused efforts.

I managed to obtain a movie clip (640 x 480 pixels, 0:24, 92.9 MB) of the holding pen, where salmon were leaping. Gulls lay about in wait for their coming feast. Going inside the visitor center, I saw the educational displays, and many children playing on the grounds. These are meant for schools. Venturing out westward on a gravel side trail to the river, I saw the high flows, and no fish. I have seen pools further downstream where the fish play in the waters, but had no time to see those, today.

Checking out the new Hazel Avenue, I was able to stroll on sidewalk to Folsom Boulevard, where I toured the near empty mall and winery before catching the train home.

I hiked perhaps a mile, and captured some 60 images and movie clips. My batteries had run low, and then my spare set became depleted. I spent $5 round trip fare, and nothing for food or drink.