LAKE NATOMA LOOP 23X October 8, 2008

Doing a good amount of flat walking, in between road trips, I figured to start my routine hikes around Lake Natoma. Saving my car for a better activity, I took the light rail out to Historic Folsom station. Beginning my loop hike at 10:56 a.m., I checked Sutter Street to see what was new.

The restrooms at the visitor center and the State Park were open. I sauntered along, looking for some good, new, scenic, pictures to post. I heard that there was another rockslide in Yosemite Valley, so took many photos of the bluffs above the lakeshore and the bike trail. It looked like there had been some minor rockfall since my last hike here, back in April. I didn't recall so many warning signs, but my memory is sometimes pretty bad.

Hiking up the bump at about the 25.5 mile mark, I snapped more photos. The high peaks of the Sierra were not visible. I saw no late season wildflowers, and very little wildlife. The grasses were dry, and only maybe 50 users appeared on the trails.

I had noted, perhaps, some slight work on the gravel shoulder, and liked the breeze in the afternoon. Rounding the loop at the Hazel Avenue Bridge and keeping track of my time, I was doing pretty good for my first lake circle, this season. My many urban and Parkway walks keep my legs in shape.

Using the water faucet and restroom at the parking area past the Aquatic Center, I had figured to abort if it got too warm. I could catch the train at Hazel Avenue or Iron Point station. Feeling good, I knew it doesn't take me too long to get back to Old Town Folsom, so hiked on. On the side foot trails, I perhaps noted some new picnic tables, and a minor trail reroute, if my memory served right.

Back to the Sutter Street light rail station at 2:50 p.m., I drank out of the water faucet, and relaxed during the ride home. Getting off the train so I could get to a buffet, I then shopped a bit before walking the rest of the way home.

Wearing a T-shirt and shorts, the highs were in the mid 80's. I did then 12.5 miles, shooting 86 images. I spent only for the ride, $4 round trip, and then some groceries.

Hoping to get back to the Northern Sierra soon, I feared for a minor holiday weekend storm, and that I had never hiked with a potential partner. Querying him about his 4WD driving ability and gear, I didn't get real assuring answers. I am going to wait till I see better what the weather may be like, and probably decide at the last moment. The news about the economy doesn't help, either.