MT. ROSE (10,776') 11X September 3, 2005

Finding another hike partner by the Net, I had lunch with this local adventurer, us getting to know each other. We had taken the buffet at a local Jamaican restaurant, having plenty of tasty Jerk Chicken. Figuring he was O.K., I arranged to meet him Saturday for a short test climb up Mt. Rose in Nevada. He wished to work on the OGUL list, an old, local Sierra Club, peak compilation of some 63 Tahoe area summits. I have climbed all these peaks some three times, minimum, each, and am working on climbing all of them (at least) four times. Company is well appreciated, by me.

I drove us up Interstate 80, despite the entreaties to stay home due to the various high prices of gas. This was a holiday weekend. I used only about 7 or 8 gallons of fuel, doing just under 300 miles. Mine is an efficient vehicle, and we are carpooling. Stopping first at the Patagonia Outlet, I found nothing I wanted. They had a holiday sale going on, with items 50% off the listed price. My new companion purchased a light shirt, making this stop worthwhile.

To U.S. 395 and south, then up the Mt. Rose Highway, NV 431, we started our hike at 11:03 a.m. I had taken the last spot in this new parking lot, built especially for hikers. I found that the new trail from this lot led over two small rises, with maybe 100' of downhill, to the old original trail, 2.5 miles away. You no longer have to walk on the wide dirt road, with mountain bikers and equestrians. We enjoyed a nice, smaller, falls (photo right) along this new section of trail.

Resting at almost every junction, we had lots of time. It was breezy, and other hikers warned it was cold on top. Many had parkas and jackets on. We hiked quickly up the trail to stop at a high saddle, and rested again. I knew it was only about 40 minutes more to the top.

Gaining views to the north, we summited at 1:43 p.m., I was pleased with our good time. Other hikers were having their lunches. The view to Reno, NV, was clear enough, and I shot many photos in that direction. It was windy, but not bad enough to wear more clothes. You can find shelter on the far side of the summit area. I wore two light layers, and shorts, all day.

I took my many, usual, pictures of the views. Nothing was new to me. Looking, I found no register. I left my materials back home, sure that I would not be placing one. My previous attempts to leave a book, for people to sign, resulted in nothing, at the top, on my return.

We relaxed on the summit, as I stared at distant Reno to see new photos to snap, but took a couple photos of myself. I had resumed my diet, not to go to the casino buffets on this trip.

Setting a leave time at 2:45 p.m., we shortly started down. A few other hikers were still headed up. We rested at the trail junctions, again, with lots of other hikers, and today, many dogs were seen. I guess this is a good trail for such animals.

Back to the new trail, I noted few wildflowers left from this past season. The waterfall was now backlit, and the hike in the trees was a bit boring. There had been an avalanche along the new trail route, with trees knocked over. I am to update my peaks guide, and thus advise people that the climb to the summit is now shorter, and with less gain.

To the parking lot, it was 5:05 p.m. To make a driving loop, I headed southwest down NV 431 to a vista point of the large blue, Lake Tahoe, then motored through the North Shore. Taking CA 267 over Brockway Summit, we noted the new development, then came to Truckee, CA.

The sun was still high in the sky, and I wished to stop for rest and food. But my partner didn't need anything, so I motored on. Headed back west on I-80, I drove us speedily, all the way home.

The new stats on climbing Mt. Rose are 9.6 miles with 2,100' gain, round trip. I shot some 118 digital images. Aside from gas at 2.919 the day before, I spent nothing. My companion was pleasant enough, so I waived any gas sharing. Hopefully he will want to climb other peaks in the Northern Sierra. I got some exercise, and now am able to update my peaks guide.